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Marine Equipment Patent for A Lightning Rod

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10e marine lightningA marine equipment patent has recently issued for a new and novel lightning rod.  According to an article posted in yachtinsure.com, this patent is licensed selectively to Marine Lightning Protection Inc.

The original lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1750. This lightning rod served the purpose of protecting the ships. Franklin later concluded that a lightning rod could shield a building from the strike of a lightning by providing an appropriate path for the current to flow.

This scientific technology is still going through modern-day refinements for the marine protection. Ewen Thomson of the University of Florida applied the traditional science that has been used
in lightning protection systems for the purpose of ground installations.

According to Dr. Thomson, the removal of the invalid key assumptions in the traditional model and the reinterpretation of the fundamental science have brought forth a new model, that allowed the development of the innovative technology by overcoming the practical limitations of the traditional model.

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