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My recent keynote address to the Inventor Society of South Florida (ISSF) always came back to one word: Courage. While many entrepreneurs and inventors agonize over the cost-benefits calculus of patents and the likelihood their idea can be successfully manufactured, licensed and marketed, I have found the biggest obstacle centers around fear of the unknown.

I know this as a fact since I have spent the last 20 years as a Patent Attorney working with some of America’s brightest minds and startups who in many instances waited years before coming to see me to get their idea protected and ready for commercial success. Their failure to act quickly and decisively can often mean a fortune in lost annual royalties and a deep regret over making a late dash for the finish line.

On a deeper level, I have faced their same fears, frustrations, and doubts, as I contemplated opening my own patent law practice decades ago. It took a life-changing moment to spur me into action which I divulged to that room full of inventors at the ISSF meeting. I think they appreciated my honesty and personal feedback that helped confirm that the only thing holding them back from commercial success was a failure to act NOW.

I invite all interested inventors and entrepreneurs to watch the video of the ISSF event and discover why unleashing their idea full throttle is the only option in what I call the Golden Age of Inventing.

Click here to watch the ISSF video.

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