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Hurricane Safety Product Patent Awarded to Storm-Busters

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As a Florida patent attorney practicing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I have seen my fair share of hurricanes in the past couple of years run through South Florida as well as my fair share of hurricane patents for a wide variety of safety products.  In this regard, a hurricane Safety product patent has been awarded to Storm-Busters, which offers a new concept of storm protection. According to an article published in www.floridatoday.com it is essentially a 16mm polypropylene vertical fluted panel bolted by one of 4 different Florida Building Code approved systems. The patented Storm-Busters is sold through Lowe’s, which provides the   panels throughout the stores in Florida.

The Storm-Busters come as a better alternative for Plywood or hurricane shutters usually applied to avoid devastating storms. Although a bit costlier, it is 300 % stronger than plywood and 75 % lighter than plywood. The product is resistant from moisture, mildew and mold, as well as bug free, waterproof and does not warp.  Moreover, Storm Busters allow 70% of natural sunlight into rooms and can last lifelong with little maintenance.

The feasibility of Storm-Busters product is affirmed through ASTM E 1996 -03, that provides   standard specification for performance in Hurricanes. It authenticates the product to have passed the most stringent test for Hurricane storm protection systems. It has also cleared the missile impact – resisting winds equivalent to 155 mph and more. The Storm-Buster panels just put up in less than an hour before a storm can save a disaster of a hurricane.

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