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Hurricane Safety Equipment Patenting For Hurricane Harness

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8b hurricane harnessHere’s a patented invention to keep homes safe during hurricane season. The Hurricane Harness is an invention that provides "seat belts for your roof" and is designed to keep roofs from being pried off in the event of high speed winds, according to hurricaneharness.com. Roofs are most endangered portion of a house during a hurricane, because a vacuum or suction is created over the roof as the wind enters a room through the doors and windows. This creates an internal pressure in the building, resulting in roof loss and, consequently, devastating home damage. 

The patented Hurricane Harness system is designed to endure the pressure and lift created even by major hurricanes. The system claims to retain the integrity of structure against hurricane winds of speed 150 mph, capable of Category 4 or Category 5 hurricanes that may exceed even 155 mph.

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