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Florida Radio Manufacturer Patents First Commercial Cognitive Radio

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Adapt4, Inc. is a Melbourne, Florida based firm hopes its patent pending technology will change the way radio frequencies are used to maximize the available radio spectrum that is available.


The technology uses a “time share” model to allow use of radio channels when they are not in use by others according to an article in the Houston Chronicle.


I am often asked by clients to explain the meaning of the term “patent pending”. The expression “patent pending”, “pat. pend.”, “pat. pending” “U.S. & foreign patents pending”, “patent applied for” are permitted to be used once a patent application has been filed, but prior the the patent being issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office or foreign patent offices.


The marking serves as a notice to potential infringers that the product is protected under U.S. patent law and that they could be liable for damages for infringement upon issuance.

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