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Florida Manufacturer & Technology Associations

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A number of technology and manufacturing companies, suppliers, and service industries in Florida have formed associations to benefit from the shared knowledge, networking, leglislative initiatives, and idea exchange that results from collective action.  Some of the ones of which I am aware are listed below (in no particular order) and I welcome suggestions for any additions to this list:

Brevard Manufacturing & Technology Association

Enterprise Florida

Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

South Florida Manufacturers Association

First Coast Manufacturers Association

Florida High Tech Corridor Council

Bay Area Manufacturers Association – "The Voice of Manufacturing in the Tampa Bay Area"

Marine Industries of South Florida

Marion Regional Manufacturers Association

Florida Minerals and Chemistry Council

Manufacturers Association of Florida

Florida Medical Manufacturers’ Consortium, Inc.

Manufacturers Association of Central Florida

Marine Industries Association of Florida

Made in Florida

Florida Advanced Technological Education Center for Manufacturing

Florida Smart Manufacturing Industries Directory

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