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According to an article in the Boston Herald, Perfect Vision Media Group LLC publisher, Kevin Hernandez, has folded the modern design magagazine, Modernista, which had been sued for alleged trademark infringement by Boston ad agency Modernista!


The Miami Herald also reported that Hernandez is selling his Miami Beach Publishing House, which could have factored into the decision to cease publication of the magazine. Hernandez has told the Miami Herald that it would be expensive to fight a suit in the middle of a sale.


The Boston advertising firm Modernista! registered a service mark for Modernista! with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in 2001, and first used the mark in 2000. Hernandez’ magazine, Modernista, premiered last May, and the trademark was applied for in October.


If you need assistance in handling a patent or trademark infringement dispute, I would suggest contacting an intellectual property attorney to guide you in pursuing the proper course of action.

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