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Florida Lawyer Files Lawsuit Claiming Trademark for NATURE MADE Vitamins is Deceptive

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Florida Lawyer Paul Bass is suing nutritional supplement company Nature Made claiming their federal trademark NATURE MADE is deceptive under the Florida Deceptive Trade Practices Act because it deceived him into believing that the synthetic vitamen E he purchased came from natural sources. Hats off to Florida trademark attorney Joel B. Rothman for blogging this case recently in http://nutrisuplaw.com and providing a number of useful links describing the differences between synthetic and natural forms of vitamen E.


The case was removed to Federal Court last month because it involved questions of trademark law under the Lanham Act. The Lanham Act prohibits the registration of trademarks that are deceptive. Under the provisions of Section 2 (a) of the Lanham Act, this restriction applies where the goods are desired and bought, at least in part, because of the misrepresentation.


If interested in further reading on this case, Florida trademark lawyer, Joel B. Rothman, has graciously compiled all state court filings for Pinecrest Consortium, Inc. v. Pharmavite, LLC on his Nutritional and Dietary Supplement Law Blog.

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