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Paula and Howard Silken are a couple of seniors residing in Delray Beach, Florida, who have been quite active in the field of intellectual property, having a dozen patents to their credit, according to an article in the Palm Beach Post.


Since 1964, Mr. Silken has been involved in research and development for new tools for the wood and metal industries, inventing a hole cutter that works with any electric drill and cuts holds in wood, plastic, and metal. He sold about 150,000 of these tools before selling this patent in the 1970s.


Her husband’s success and encouragement prompted Mrs. Silken to develop a bookmark for her husband that clips to the page and shows the exact line for him to resume reading.


The couple has also written a self-published book called “I Have an Idea for an Invention – What Do I Do Now?” in order to explain the patenting process to novice inventors. The are also members of the Inventors Society of South Florida.


According to Mr. Silken, “inventing isn’t work…it’s play.”


For more information regarding patenting a new invention with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, I suggest you consult a patent lawyer to guide you through the process of intellectual property protection.

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