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Energy Product Patent For Generators To Replace Fossil And Uranium Fuels

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Magnetic Power IncMagnetic Power, Inc. (MPI) is helping make the world greener, according to an article at pesn.com. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published the company’s first patent application for its valuable Solid State Electric Generator, the first of its kind, which produces electric power without any moving parts or need for fuel.

The generators, which have no need of fossil or uranium fuels, feature a modular design that allows several units to be combined to produce larger amounts of energy in a system analogous to combining solar (photovoltaic) cells. An exclusive feature is the company’s Magnetic Power Modules that can operate day and night, every day of the year in all weather conditions.  

By the end of 2007, MPI predicts that the modules would combine to power a home.

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