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Which patent should you file? Patents in plain english…

Do you know why you might want to file a provisional patent instead of a non-provisional patent? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. And today you’re going to learn which one is best for your needs. First, a little history behind the creation of the two-patent system we enjoy today. Up until 1995, there was only one way to file a patent. You filled out the application in its entirety (hoping your invention was absolutely perfect) and then wait months or years to see if the patent office would accept your idea as useful, novel or non-obvious enough to be awarded a patent. That all changed on June 8, 1995. On that date the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) introduced the provisional patent, a revolutionary concept that allowed inventors to acquire patent-pending status faster…with less up-front

Think your idea is silly? Check out these patents…

Today, let’s take a look at some of the crazier patents from the USPTO. (As silly as some of these seem, I assure you, they have all passed successfully through the patent office doors). User-Operated Amusement Apparatus for Kicking the User’s Buttocks. Patent No. 6,293,874. (2001) Improvement in Fire Escapes (Short Range Parachute). Patent No. 221,855 (1879) Wiper Mechanism to Keep Eyeglasses clean of rain, steam or the like. Patent No. 2,888,703 (1959) Method of Preserving the Dead (for display). Patent No. 748,284 (1903) Apparatus for Walking on the Water. Patent No. 22457 (1858) Do you have an idea for a silly (or hopefully very useful) patent? If so, call our Coral Springs, Florida patent attorney office toll-free hotline number at 1-866-Idea-Attorneys (that’s 1-866-433-2288)

Master of Patents Success Story

Just stumbled on a story you future patent holders may be interested in… Medtronic’s Michael R.S. Hill just hit the impressive feat of 50 patents in 18 years. Hill’s patent work has focused on improving implantable cardiac devices for patients with irregular heart rhythms and creating new solutions that combine cardiovascular and neuromodulation (zapping the brain or nervous system) technologies.  To read the full story click on the link…Master of Patents

Shortcuts for Patent Searches

Before you waste lots of time tinkering on your new invention (or spend thousands on a patent application), you might want to invest a little time researching if someone else has already received a patent on your idea. Why? First, you can’t get a patent if someone else already has one. And second, you can’t monetize it (why bother inventing something you can’t patent and get paid for?) The easiest way to discover if there is a patent on your idea is to hire a patent attorney. This will run you at least $1,500 for a reputable patent attorney (much less and it’s probably a scam). However, you don’t have to rush to have a patent attorney do the search right away if you’re more of a "do-it-yourselfer". Here are a few tips that will save you time and money if you elect to research prior patents on your own. Type

Amazon’s “One Click Case” changes Patent Law

A Canadian federal judge says business methods can be patented in the same way as any other invention. For Canadian IP lawyers, the decision is significant because it clears up confusion about whether or not  "business methods" can be patented in Canada. Click on the link for the full story on this patent law change