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Car Accessory Patent Keeps Drivers Safe at Roadside

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1h elbiCar accessory patent for ASAR Group’s Emergency Light Blanket (ELB) is pending, as the company is all set to test market the product. According to an article in www.send2press.com, ELB made its debut in June, 2004 at the Minnesota Inventors Congress (MIC) in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. 

The product is said to be inspired by a tragedy that occurred on Interstate I-80 west of Omaha, where a man was fixing his tire along the roadside on a dark night when he was run over by a truck driver who was unable to see him. 

The ELB embossed with high intensity low energy LED lights and reflective arrows can function on a  vehicle’s electrical system or a 9-volt battery. In the case of a breakdown or an accident, the ELB can be folded out , attached to the vehicle, and activated within minutes. Once lighted, it would be visible for up to three miles.                

Charles Mueller, President of ASAR Group, Incorporated plans to establish assembly and distribution centers in Nebraska in the near future to market the ELB.

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