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Automobile Patents – Eestor’s New Technology Under Scrutiny

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1i automobileAs a Florida patent attorney, I take an interest in news regarding Florida patent disputes and recently posted a blog regarding a Florida patent infringement lawsuit against Toyota over the Florida patent on electtric drive motor technology.

It seems the patenting of automobile innovations is in the spotlight again with Eester’s innovative new ultracapacitor.   Considering the thousands of inventions getting patents issued by the U.S. patent office each year, EEStor‘s technology for replacement of electrochemical batteries is one of the latest hooplas to join the league. The invention is expected to bring an end to the internal combustion engine, as mentioned in an article in www.technewsworld.com   

EEStor’s new product is essentially a material compressed between thousands of wafer-thin metal sheets, in a series of foil-and-paper gum wrappers stacked one on top of the other. The ultimate outcome is an ultracapacitor – battery-like device that is capable of storing and releasing energy quickly. The technology is expected to stimulate the renewable-energy sector by allowing efficient, lightning-fast storage for solar power. Further it could lo be used on a smaller scale in a flash-charge for laptops and cell phones.


However, the speculation and dubiety hovers over the invention, backed by the company’s original claim of making batteries to obsolete. The assertion still resonates, Joseph Perry and the other researchers at Georgia Tech using the same material to double the amount of energy a capacitor can hold, claims the improvements can hardly be realized.

According to Perry, EEStor is saying a lot about how they’re making these things. He feels "With these materials (described in the patent), that is a challenging process to carry out in a defect-free fashion."

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