Florida Venture Blog Excellent Resource for Intellectual Property Entrepreneurs

Dan Rua, an experienced early-stage venture capital investor with a technology foundation and product design, development, and management experience, is the author of Florida Venture Blog.  The blog, described as "a running perspective on Florida's growing tech and venture community," provides valuable information for those individuals seeking to build companies by innovative means.

Currently a manager at Inflexion Fund, Mr, Rua's experience includes a partnership with Draper Atlantic, participation in finding and building thirty-two companies and managing funds totaling over $140 million, as well as teaching entrepreneruship and venture capital seminars at various educational institutions.

The Florida Venture Blog is considered one of, in not the, leading blogs on tech, entrepreneurship, and venture capital around Florida.

In addition to consulting a Florida Patent Attorney to assist with intellectual property issues, exploring ways in which to start up or enhance a business is definitely advisable.



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Mediating Intellectual Property Disputes

Todd Mayover, in-house intellectual property counsel for a medical device company in Florida, has an interesting post at the IPCounsel Blog entitled Intellectual Property Mediation:

"Regardless of the situation, without suggesting mediation, it will never happen. The obvious risk is that other party(s) may say no, but this would have no effect on the actual case at hand. At least the parties would know where they stand."

That being said, it is important to note that the risks of not mediating vary greatly depending upon which milestones have already passed in the litigation.

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Duplicating Successful Business Methods Through Franchising

Before looking into franchising a new idea for a successful business, it is important for an entrepreneur to understand the conceptual dynamics of franchises and the franchise arrangement. Franchising can be an excellent way to expand a business. By cloning proven business and marketing techniques and finding others willing to invest their time and money to help grow a business concept, a proprietor can use franchising to obtain growth rates much higher than if he or she were restricted to opening more units on their own.

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